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SmartMoney Living debt-. free ? In a nation where consumer debt has become as American as baseball thanks in part to the historically low interest rates

Wise Bread Professional counselors are taught that there are occasions when you must help a client decrease expectations. At times it becomes clear that

Dolans Suffering from a post-holiday debt hangover? Start the new year right by conquering your debt once and for all wtih a debt managemnet plan.

CNBC Is it practical or even possible in modern day America to eliminate debt entirely? It just takes discipline, sacrifice and a more liberal definition of


TODAY MSNBC MSN Here, the busy couple comes clean about living debt-free, preparing for grandkids and more — plus they offer a crowd-pleasing recipe.

Amazon From the Publisher. Debt has dominated the financial direction of our society over the past sixty years. Credit card offers flow into our mailboxes virtually every

Money CNN Close your eyes and picture a life without any debt: no mortgage payments, credit card bills or auto loans. In today’s shaky job market, the

Focus on the Family Following these six steps can start you down the path of becoming debt free.

Art of Debt Free Living It is possible to live a debt-free lifestyle! But there needs to be a real desire to change and a plan that will work. Living out of the debt cycle is not only possible,

Good Housekeeping This painless plan will help you beat the credit card blues — for good.

Living On A Dime I was recently interviewed about debt free living and how living without debt relates to my faith. I thought you’d find some of the answershelpful.

WikiHow How to Start Living a Debt Free Life. A Debt Free lifestyle is easier to attain than you think. It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how

American Thinker Living Debt-Free. By Trevor Thomas. In his 1992 bestseller The Coming Economic Earthquake, writing about mortgages, home equity loans,

Kiplinger Steve and Lucille Martin’s personal finances looked immaculate. They carried no credit-card debt, had just five years left on their 30-year

Squirrelers I absolutely detest debt. The idea of having a financial obligation as a monkey on my back is not something that works for me. By carrying debt

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Financial Highway Living below your means is the most challenging task. Unfortunately, it is the only dose of medicine for those who are financially sick and have huge debts to pay